Annual Dodgers & White Sox Fantasy Camp 2017

Camelback Ranch-Glendale is organizing the second edition of the Fantasy Camp where baseball enthusiasts can join and have the possibility to become professional baseball players. Imagine how cool that is – a camp for people with similar interests! It’s just like getting with friends to play StarCraft, or have fun with the – just outside, and with people who are into Fantasy baseball. Great, right?

In the Fantasy Camp, people who are passionate about baseball have the possibility to join one of the two teams: the Dodgers or the White Sox.

In the six days, from 15 to 21 January 2017, there will be games scheduled for each team, that will culminate in a championship game on the main stadium, in which the players will wear official professional Major League uniforms.

The participants will have most meals and transportation from the hotels to the stadium assured.

In order to enter the camp, participants will need to make an online or over the phone deposit of non-refundable $500. The entire experience adds to a total of $4995, that is worth every cent.

For more details visit the official website of the stadium you can find all the details you need, together with a FAQ section and a sample schedule. Good luck.