Record number of people attended the 2017 Cactus League

As you probably already know, the Cactus League ended in the first week of April. In 2015, the games were attended by precisely 1,902,903 people. According to Cactus League officials, this record has been broken by this years’ attendance numbers: 1,941,347 people cheered for the 15 professional baseball clubs that battled in Maricopa county in 2017.

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Anyway, back to the impressive representation this year. It’s important to realise how they came up with this number. Well, they recorded the attendance at the 10 Cactus Leagues ballparks including the 2 games played by Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs in Las Vegas (22,000 fans at these 2 games alone).

It’s easy to guess what team had the highest number of cheerers in this league: the 2016 World Series champions, the Chicago Cubs. More than 250k people attended their 17 games at Sloan Park in Mesa. If you do some simple math, you will get exactly 14,818 people at every game in a stadium with a maximum capacity of 15k seats. It seems that winning the championship increases your fan base.

Still, don’t think that the World Series winners of 2016 were the only ones who had more fans than usual on the stadium. Other teams set single-game attendance records in 2017 as well. We have to mention the Colorado Rockies, the Arizona Diamondbacks as well as the Cleveland Indians, the Oakland A’s and the Cincinnati Reds.

Another factor to take into account for why the Cactus League attendance was so high in 2017 is that not a single rain drop fell during the games in Arizona. In fact, the players had to do their best by playing in temperatures above 90 F for no less than 9 days straight.