Cactus League and betting – how to mix them together

After the baseball season ends, baseball bettors have a quite hard time. Luckily, there’s the so called Cactus League, also known as spring training. Teams play against each other before the next season starts and bookmakers don’t lose the opportunity to entertain their clients even though it’s not as interesting as during the MLB. Many fans try to look for bookmakers and various offers just like the ones on that they can use while watching their beloved game.

What you must understand about the Cactus League is that things are different from the MLB. Team play differently, which is why bettors must adjust their wagers accordingly. Let’s see what’s different during spring training and how you can shift these changes in your favour.

Listen to managers

During spring training, managers are quite up front about line-ups. Watch the news regularly to understand what the manager is trying to do. Maybe he wants to try new rotations and players. Do they mean to take it easy during the spring or they’ll fight with all their strength? Managers tend to experiment with lineups and rotations, which is why you should be cautious when making assumptions. It’s best to sit back and watch for the first couple of weeks. You will get a feel of how the manager intends to approach spring training games.

Veterans vs. new player

It’s no surprise that veterans hate spring training. There are a lot of games and no stake in play. On the other hand, new players tend to work very hard to prove themselves and get a stable spot in the team. The number of new players vs veterans can give you an idea of how that team is going to take spring matches. Don’t be surprised if a team with lots of veterans takes it easy and loses games. They have nothing to lose and as a result, they don’t really care. Talented new players take spring training more seriously.

On the other hand, keep an eye on how these new players interact with each other. If there’s no coordination between team mates, the results are disastrous. So, team dynamics is very important and it takes a great deal of baseball knowledge to get a real feel of the situation, or you could just listen to experienced sports analysts.

Schedule doesn’t matter

While during the season, you have to put some thought into how much players travel and how many days they have between games, in spring training these factors are irrelevant. All teams play games virtually every single day and as for travel distance, destinations are ridiculously close to one another, a couple of hours drive at most. Besides, players are well rested and fatigue is not a factor either.

The best aren’t always successful in spring training

It’s quite common for last season’s best teams to perform averagely during spring training. That’s why you can’t place your bets according to who did great during the previous season.

All in all, it’s quite a challenge to bet on Cactus League games. Spring games are more for fun and experimenting than performance. It doesn’t mean you can’t practice betting, but don’t expect awesome winnings. Bookmakers don’t put the same effort into creating good odds for the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues. If you want to make the big bucks, wait for the MLB season to start.