Baseball’s greatest champions of all time

Since its introduction in the 18th century, baseball has had some iconic hall of fame players, players who had outstanding accomplishments and have earned the right to be mentioned in the GOAT conversation. Although it is difficult to compare players from different eras, there are some players that need to be mentioned on the top 10 list.

Lou Gehrig

Lou was one of the hardest hitters in baseball history, a player renowned for his consistency and relentlessness. He won an impressive 23 grand slams, and who knows how many more he would have stacked if he didn’t suffer from ASL. His incredible durability has earned him the nickname “The Iron Horse”, as he was twice American League’s MVP. He had a staggering production during his peak seasons from 1925-1938 and is definitely considered as one of the all-time greats.  

Hank Aaron

It is almost impossible to find a top ten list of greatest baseball players of all time without this man as he is widely known as one of the best baseball players ever to live. His 755 home runs, a record for 33 years, have cemented him as one of the best hitters of all time, if not the best. Aaron had tremendous power in his hits, but he was also an exceptional all-around player, in someone’s opinion, even better than Ruth.  He was primarily renowned for his incredibly powerful hits, but his consistency, speed, and agility were also off the charts. Hank was a confident player who had amazing abilities in all aspects of the game.

Ted Williams

Ted Williams was an outstanding player, with one of the greatest rookie seasons of all time in 1939, when he hit 31 home runs, with a .327 average, all while having 145 RBIs. He still holds a record of .482 on-base percentage, and he is also in the top 20 in total runs, scored batted-in runs, and home runs. If he hadn’t served the military in his prime years 1943-1945, who knows how many records would have been broken by this legendary hitter.

Willie Mays

Many people claim that Babe Ruth was a great player, and Willie Mays the best position player of all time. He could basically do everything; hit, catch, throw and run, with a unique ability that no other player had. Regardless of the extremely tough competition he faced, he finished his career with 660 home runs.  Mays is still perceived as the best all-around player ever, a player with an incredible talent who had all the intangibles.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth is undoubtedly the greatest pitcher and hitter of all time, a player who dominated the game like no one ever could. Babe had legendary talent second only to his transcendent accomplishments. He hit more home runs than entire teams in a season and broke countless records. Simply put, he was the Michael Jordan of baseball.