The most significant baseball tournaments in the world

Baseball is one of the major sports in the USA and is considered one of the most popular sports in the world. Due to its immense popularity, baseball can be found on almost any betting platform, so betting fans can use bonus codes such as the Unibet bonus code and try to predict the outcomes of the most important baseball tournaments of the year.

Here we compiled a list of the most notable events in the sport of baseball:

World Series

The World Series is a championship series of the MLB (Major League Baseball), which is being held annually since 1903. The champion of the World Series is determined through a best-of-seven playoff format phase, and the winner takes the Commissioner’s Trophy. For more than a century, the World Series has been an essential part of American sports society, and since it is being played in the fall season, it was named the “Fall Classic”. The most successful team of all time is the New York Yankees, who have played in 40 World Series and have won 17.

Southwestern Athletic Conference Baseball Tournament

This is the tournament which decides the champion of the NCAA Division I, Southwestern Athletic Conference. The format of the competition is the double-elimination, where the top four teams from each conference compete in two brackets. It is highly popular for the fact that the winner receives an automatic berth to the NCAA tournament.

American Athletic Conference Baseball Tournament

Since college baseball is widely popular in the USA, this tournament is regarded as one of the most significant in college baseball season. The format of the tournament is round-robin, and the event represents conference championship tournament of college baseball. This tournament is unique in its own way because it has two champion teams – the tournament champion and the conference champion.

NCAA Division I Baseball Championship

NCAA baseball championship is one of the major sports events of the year. It is hosted annually from May through June, and the tournament consists of 64 college baseball teams from the USA.  What makes this tournament so unique is the fact that the championship team can lose up to 4 games and still take the title home. The tournament has a specific competition format, a combination of double-elimination brackets and best-of-three series. The best eight teams earn the right to participate in the College World Series, the peak of the NCAA year.

College World Series

CWS is basically the final stage of the NCAA Division I baseball tournament, and it features 8 teams, divided into two, double-elimination brackets. The winners of both brackets compete for the championship in a best-of-three series. The tournament is being held in Nebraska every year in June.  The most triumphant team of all time is Texas, with 85 wins.

Women’s Baseball World Cup

This is one of the women’s international baseball tournaments where women teams from around the world compete for the title. It was founded in 2004, in Edmonton, Canada, and the most successful team lately has been Japan, with six titles in a row. The tournament is held every two years, with the last one performed in 2018. There are usually around 12 teams, each of them playing versus all nations. Then the top four teams advance to the semifinals where they compete for the grand finals.

WBSC Premier 12

The “Premier 12” is one of the most significant baseball tournaments on the tour. It features twelve best-ranked teams in the world and the tournament itself is supposed to be a qualifier for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, if baseball returns for the 2020 Olympics.